Thursday, August 5, 2010

Community Service Shorts: SW6

It's the end of the shift and Jasper and Duke wait in line to clock out.

Duke: How was your day?
Jasper: I was on SW6, how do you think it was?
Duke: Ummm I don't know. How was it?
Jasper: Wannabe artists who are creative with their hair and not with their love.
Duke: How do you know that?
Jasper: I know all too well?
Duke: Details, details, I want to know about her love.
Jasper: I was talking about myself, Duke.
Duke: You're not creative with your hair.
Jasper: I get it cut now. That's pretty fucking creative for me.
Duke: and the...
Jasper: Duke
Duke: Understood Mr. Cornwallis
Jasper: I'm glad somebody does.

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